We launched our appeal in 2012 when the poaching crisis hit. Since then we have suffered great losses but we continue. Please help us by donating to our appeal. ALL money goes directly to practical on the ground anti-poaching work.

Our rangers in Mareja are risking their lives every day to protect the elephants from armed poachers who brutally slaughter these magnificent animals for their ivory tusks. The rangers urgently need better equipment and training and your donations can help us to purchase the following items we feel essential to the survival of the elephants:

 20 Individual uniforms inc. ripstop trousers, t-shirts, shorts (£80 per uniform) £1,600
 20 Individual quality second hand jungle army boots (£40 per pair) £800
 40 pairs of breathable socks £40
 2 Bullet proof vests for gun-bearers £1,700
 Professional anti-poaching Ranger training in 2012 £5,000
 4 camera traps to monitor wildlife £800
 2 night vision goggles £1,600
 2 large hardwearing rucksacks £200
 18 small hard wearing daysacks £450
 2 professional first aid packs £1,000
 Simple shock and water proof computer and printer £900
 Internet booster £80
 2 digital cameras £100
 Long-range observation scope and tripod £1,200
 6 Long-range radios £600
 Satellite phone £1,800
 2 off-road motorbikes £3,000
 2 rapid intervention and patrol vehicles: all purpose quad bikes (and shipment) £20,000
 Longer term elephant zone management to minimise human-animal conflict: Marula and Mango planting programme and surrounding farm protection, through chilli planting scheme £1,500
 150 project t-shirts for the local community £2,250
 30 football outfits with Mareja logo for local community teams £1,500
 Airfreight and DHL of all equipment £1,800
 Second hand Toyota Land cruiser £30,000 would be invaluable in the bush in all seasons

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Long Term management
Mareja is predominantly miombo coastal forest, a habitat type that makes it one of the most globally threatened biodiversity hotspots. If you are interested in the wider Mareja Project please be in touch. We are seeking supporters and funders for our on-going community development, biodiversity research, capacity building and conservation management. All money received goes directly to the project without overheads or administration. Do contact Sophie for further information, details below.