We launched our appeal in 2012 when the poaching crisis hit. Since then we have suffered great losses but we continue. Please help us by donating to our appeal. ALL money goes directly to practical on the ground anti-poaching work.

Our Rangers

At Mareja we train locals to become Rangers or Fiscal, it is an essential part of the project, ensuring their knowledge of the bush and cultural surroundings is supported and maintained. Rangers have a demanding job, to patrol and protect the forest against illegal practices of logging and poaching. They also act as guides for tourists and researchers and help with conservation management, such as water hole maintenance, access creation and fire control.

Dominik (right) manages the rangers and established Mareja 15 years ago as a community conservation project. He is a passionate conservationist and trained land manager, dedicated to working with the community to find creative and meaningful ways to resource, protect and support this rare and important area of coastal miombo forest and its biodiversity.

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Ali Bacar Head Ranger has been working for Mareja for over 12 years. He is one of the longest serving ranger and was sent to be formally trained at Gorgonsa National Park in central....[more]

Cassamo from Intapwati also a long serving Ranger with excellent bush skills and a budding interest in bird-spotting. He recently bought a motorbike, making him only the second person....[more]

Seleman one of our younger Rangers 25 years from Billibiza (local area with a huge lake once home of hippo sadly now extinct). He has a wife and two girls, and is unusual in being a Christian....[more]

Umpuepewri is known as Beeman, his family have always produced wild honey living under a particularly productive tree. He is developing a honey project at Mareja. He served in....[more]

Unkaheli one of our elders and a witch doctor has been at Dominik's side for many years. He spent 8 years living with the elephants deep in the bush although now prefers to spend time....[more]

Bacar has a very positive sunny nature. He is from the coast so speaks some Swahili as well as the local language Makua - and is the only ranger who is not from within a 40km radius. Bacar has been....[more]

Isufo a new recruit and local from Nanduli has 7 children. He wanted to go into the police but couldn't afford the fee they required for entry. He is highly motivated, a quick learner and....[more]

Marcelino, is also one of the younger rangers has 3 children, he is a quiet and reliable team member, and enjoys taking up the back of patrols and helped create the new ecohouses....[more]

Adamo has been with the project since a boy. He was part of a children's growing project Dominik established 15 years ago. Married with two children named Nicky and Sophie. Today he plays a key role....[more]

Assani teeters between excellent ranger and local poacher. Hunters traditionally had great standing in the community and Assani was considered a great hunter. Once the park was....[more]